Thursday, September 06, 2007

Academic Plan

This course will provide students with a basic foundation in the principles of video production. This course will emphasize the three elements of the video production process. During pre-production students will learn camera composition, effective lighting techniques, treatment and script writing skills, and proper storyboarding techniques. During the production portion of the course the students will direct their own video using the camera skills and theory learned during the pre-production portion. During the post-production, the students will edit their videos using IMovie. This section will emphasize the importance of music, sound effects, and narration in video. Throughout the course the students will get an opportunity to critically analyze films, commercials, TV News, Public Service Announcements, and movie trailers.

The Essential Academic Learnings in Art for this course
1. The student applies the creative process with arts knowledge and skills to reason
and solve problems.
2. The student uses at least one of the art forms to communicate ideas and feelings.
3. The student understands how the arts connect to other subject areas, life, and work.

The Essential Academic Learnings in Writing for this course
1. The student will learn to write clearly and effectively.
2. The student will write in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes.
3. The student will analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of written work.

The Essential Academic Learnings in Communication for this course
1. The student uses listening and observation skills to gain understanding.
2. The student communicates ideas clearly and effectively.

• Assisting students in establishing lifelong habits of reliability and promptness is one of the instructional objectives of this particular course. Progress toward this goal will be measured, at least in part, by tracking student attendance. Therefore, a student's grade or credit in this class may be adversely affected by reason of tardiness or absences to the extent defined by the current Shorecrest High School Attendance Policy, which is hereby adopted for this class. In accordance with this policy, students with 9 or more absences will lose credit.

• If you are not in class when the bell rings, you are tardy. Tardies cannot be made up. It is your responsibility to be in class on time and prepared to go to work.

• You cannot have more than:
3 tardies per semester to earn an “A”
6 tardies maximum per semester to earn a “B”
9 tardies maximum per semester to earn a “C”
12 tardies maximum per semester to earn a “D”
13 or more tardies, student will fail

• Demonstrate good leadership and citizenship through your actions in class.
• Keep a notebook including any and all assignments, notes, and all handouts.
• Keep up with the assignments.

Assessment of student progress toward mastering the Essential Learnings identified for this course is critical to student success. In addition to traditional assessment strategies (e.g., pencil and paper testing), assessment of students’ work in this class will include one or more of the following assessment strategies: student exhibitions, class presentations, artistic representation of core concepts, and multimedia presentations.

Video projects are worth 50% of your grade.
Tests and quizzes are worth 30% of your grade.
Attendance, attitude, and participation are worth 20% of your grade.

A = 100 – 93% B- = 83.9 - 80% D+= 69.9 - 67%
A- = 92.9 - 90% C+ = 79.9 - 76% D = 66.9 - 60%
B+ = 89.9 - 87% C = 75.9 - 72% F = 59.9 - 0%
B = 86.9 - 84% C- = 71.9 - 70%


Students will be assigned written homework on a regular basis. Homework is expected to be handed in on the date given. Late work will receive a reduction of one grade per day late. Work will not be accepted five school days after the due date.


Students, and therefore parents and guardians, are responsible for any and all equipment checked out during class or after school. This may include cameras valued at $400, Tripods valued at $80, and lighting reflectors valued at $60. If equipment is damaged or lost it must be repaired or replaced immediately.
Laptops will be used in this class only as directed by instructor.

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