Tuesday, March 02, 2010

1980's Music Video Project

Group 80’s Music Video Project

· Use a short song between two and four minutes (or fade out early)

· Pick an interesting concept, something we would all want to watch

· Costumes Required! Get in character. No costumes=No Grade

· Experiment with audio speeds (practice for new all-school video)

· Include at least one ten-shot sequence

· Your concept should be something you can shoot in one and a half-days. Raw Footage is due 11:00 next Tuesday

· Use a wide variety of steady shots with strong composition

· Video 2 Students have final say on major decisions

Group 1: James, Mara, Trevor, and John W.
Group 2: Zora, Sam, Michael, and Jesse
Group 3: Bryce, Haley, Gabrielle, Brannen,
Group 4: Garrett, Vinnie, Cory, and Jerome
Group 5: Tyler, Daniel Olson, Emily, and Anthony
Group 6: Nathan, Gary, Nicholi and Nicole,
Group 7: Kollin, Daniel Cook, and Ky, and Jacob

Trent Mitchell
Video Productions and Photography
Shoreline School District

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